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Track and trace

Tracking, i.e. following the movements of your goods

Most of companies offering airfreight and seafreight provide an opportunity to track shipments. Tracking gives the customer a possibility to follow the movement of shipments at any given moment.

To follow airfreight shipments you need an air waybill number. If you have a copy of the air waybill, but you do not know which is the correct number, you should consider that the first three digits (the prefix) show the airline (e.g. 020 – Lufthansa; 105 – Finnair, etc.), and after a dash 8 digits follow.

In seafreight you need the number of the container, Bill of Lading or booking number.

Airfreight companies represented by Balti Logistika

Estonian Air (MAWB: 960-xxxxxxxx) in short:OV

Air France (MAWB: 057-xxxxxxxx) in short:AF

Finnair (MAWB: 105-xxxxxxxx) in short:AY

Lufthansa (MAWB: 020-xxxxxxxx) in short:LH

SAS – Scandinavian Airlines (MAWB: 117-xxxxxxxx) in short:SK

Singapore Airlines (MAWB: 618-xxxxxxxx) in short:SQ

Czech Airlines (MAWB: 064-xxxxxxxx) in short:OK

UPS Supply Chain Solutions

UPS Parcel

Other airfreight companies and logistics companies: GHY’s Tracking & Tracing and Redberry Tracking